Saving Mr. Terupt

Saving Mr. Terupt is the 3rd book in this series by Rob Buyea. Each chapter of the book is written from the point of view of one of the seven different narrators. As this is the third book with the same characters, I began to feel very familiar with the characters as if I’m seeing them grow up before my eyes.

In the first book, Because of Mr. Terupt, the characters are in 5th grade. I’d recommend that book for use in 4th-5th grade classes. In the sequel Mr. Terupt Falls Again, the students are now in 6th grade and the content of the story becomes more mature. In this third book, Mr. Terupt’s crew has moved on to 7th grade at the local middle school. The content becomes more serious, dealing with bullying, health issues and school budgets. But once again, this is a story about friendship and perseverance.

I am a big fan of the Mr. Terupt series. I think the characters and the issues they face are realistic. I would recommend the 1st book to upper elementary aged students. This book may even make a great whole-class read aloud that taught into different points of view and the importance of empathy in life. In the past, I’ve had 4th and 5th graders devour the first book and then ask to read the next two. I usually check in with their parents, give them a heads up about the content and get the okay from them before lending out my copies. I would recommend the entire series for 6th grade and up.

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