A Simple Fun Book With an Unexpected Ending

Panda Pants by Jacqueline Davies is a sweet, simple story about a young panda who declares to his father that he would like a pair of pants. Each reason he gives his father for wanting pants, his father refutes. For example:

Pants are warm.

Are you cold?

No. But I could be. At any moment.

As they walk along together, the reader may notice an unwelcome character lurking behind the leaves in the background.


The father panda declares that the young panda does not need pants. But when he spots a pair of nice pants on a scarecrow, he simply cannot help himself!


Donning a fabulous pair of pants, the panda sets off after his father. Shortly thereafter, they are confronted by the panther that has been stalking them across the pages of the book. Luckily the young panda comes up with an ingenious way to save the day using the pants.

Panda Pants is a great story for young readers, from pre-k to first grade. Young ones will be entertained by the back and forth banter between father and son that is very realistic. Sydney Hanson’s illustrations are lovely and help bring the text to life.

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