“Sometimes Different Isn’t So Bad”


Marcel is a very stylish French Bulldog living the good life in New York City with his human. They live together in Downtown Manhattan and spend their days eating delicious New York City bagels, he gets pampered at the doggy spa and then they listen to live music in Washington Square Park. In a very real-to-life way, Marcel snubs uptown Manhattan.

According to this pooch, the only thing worthwhile uptown is the American Museum of Natural History, and that’s because of all of the bones in the dinosaur exhibit. Marcel dreams of one day visiting the museum. He’s only ever passed by on his way to Central Park.


Marcel notices that his human has been spending more uptown and they keep running into a human man. Suddenly, he finds himself spending more and more time uptown with this man and everything is changing and FAST. His life is definitely different, but is different bad?


In addition to being an ode to New York, Marcel is a powerful story about adjusting to change. It is the perfect picture book to introduce the idea of a parent dating someone new, which can be very difficult for young ones to understand. This picture book features simple text and lovely, graphic illustrations.

Click here to purchase a copy of Marcel (affiliate link).

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