Good Morning New York!


As a teacher my colleagues and I are already at school and getting ready for the day by the time most people are hitting their snooze buttons a first time. The train cars are filled with other teachers, people who work in construction, and childcare providers. We occupy the public transportation system well before rush hour. For most of the year, the walk to the train and even to school is in complete darkness. My familiarity with “The City that Never Sleeps” waking up, makes me love Good Morning, City by Pat Kiernan all that much more.

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This is a fantastic book that features all the activities happening before the sun even rises. Set in New York, it features the sights and sounds of a big city as its occupants get ready for the day. Each page features a beautiful illustration by Pascal Campion accompanied by three short lines of text. As you flip through the pages, the sun rises slightly higher and the city comes more and more to life. The book ends in a home with a family eating breakfast and watching a familiar looking anchorman on the news.

Good Morning, City is a celebration of living in a big city. It’s perfect for children from pre-k to second grade.

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