A Picture Book About Moving to a New Place


There are many different factors that determine the books I read. Familiar authors and illustrators. In all honesty despite what the old adage says, covers are another. And, titles are also important. I chose to read Lenny and Lucy by Philip Stead because I’m loving his picture books. Particularly the ones that are illustrated by his amazingly talented wife, Erin Stead. I also chose to read this book because I’m all about books with the name Lucy in the title these days.

In Lenny and Lucy I found a wonderful story about a young boy who moves with his family to a new house in an unfamiliar area. The setting plays an important role throughout. It is a dark unfriendly woods, which seems to heighten the anxiety the young boy Peter is feeling in making this move. Peter decides to build a Guardian of the Bridge to protect the bridge that separates his house from the mysterious woods. He names it Lenny. Peter worries that Lenny may be lonely, so he builds him a companion named Lucy. In the company of Lenny and Lucy, and of course his own dog Harold, Peter begins to spend more time outdoors and adjust to his new life. He even makes a new friend, the young girl who lives next door.


Lenny and Lucy deals with how difficult moving to a new place can be from a child’s perspective. The illustrations are stunning. Primarily black and white and grey, with splashes or color here and there around the elements that bring comfort to Peter.

Click here to purchase a copy of Lenny and Lucy (affiliate link).

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