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When I first saw the cover of Dr. Tamara Pizzoli’s book Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO, I knew I HAD to read this picture book immediately. Can we take a moment to recognize how awesome Tallulah is sitting on the side of her chartreuse colored sofa staring right at the reader with her amazing outfit, fabulous golden hoops adorned with teeth, and a wonderful afro?

Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO is the story about the business behind the tooth fairy. From marketing plans, and employment training to maintaining a work-life balance, Tallulah is a wonderful mentor for budding entrepreneurs. Like all great CEOs, Tallulah stays connected by continuing her home visits to collect teeth.


One day a boy named Ballard does the unexpected. Instead of leaving a tooth, he leaves a note for the tooth fairy explaining that he lost his tooth. Not even the Tooth Fairy manual has a protocol established for a lost tooth. She decides to consult the board and improvise, much like real-life CEOs do each day! Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO is a perfect picture book for kids ages 8 and up.

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After reading Tallulah I wondered what other books Dr. Pizzoli has written and I discovered two additional picture books that celebrate diversity and multiculturalism.

For a younger audience, M is for Mohawk is an alphabet book that features a different hairstyle for each letter. I LOVE this book because it captures so many diverse hairdos. Those inspired by different textures, colors and lengths of hair. Those inspired by different cultures as well as trends.

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And last but not least, M is for Marrakech, which is another alphabet book that features a different city for each letter. The illustrations resemble old-fashioned posters, colorful and highly stylized. This book would be great to read alongside a map to identify the different cities all around the world.

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Both M is for Mohawk and M is for Marrakech have two audiobooks available online for viewing and listening to! (Click on the links to listen along.)

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