All About Thanksgiving


Gail Gibbons is a non-fiction guru. Her informational texts for kids are the perfect introduction to this genre. She skillfully integrates illustrations and text, to teach the reader about a topic. The headings make her books easy to navigate.

Thanksgiving Is… is a wonderful introductory book to this American holiday. It begins by explaining the origin of different harvest celebrations then provides the history of the Pilgrims and their journey to the Americas. Thanksgiving Is… makes quick reference to the Native Americans who helped the Pilgrims survive in this new land, but does not delve into the treatment of the Native Americans or the tension between these groups of people. It moves on to modern day Thanksgiving, which means feasts and desserts, friends and family, and sharing.


Thanksgiving Is… is great for young children, ages 3-6.

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Let’s Celebrate Thanksgiving by Peter and Connie Roop is another fantastic informational text about Thanksgiving. It follows a questions an answer text structure, each heading poses a question that is answered in the paragraphs that follow. Fun facts and riddles are interspersed throughout the book to engage the reader. This book does a great job predicting the questions kids may have about Thanksgiving and teaching about the topic.


Like many Thanksgiving-themed books, Let’s Celebrate Thanksgiving also omits the difficult relationship between the Native Americans and the settlers. This book is great for kids ages 7-9.

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