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There is nothing better than a funny picture book. A picture book that makes you laugh out loud. Usually a great, funny picture book has an unexpected twist of some sort. For example, Mo Willems’ That is Not a Good Idea. A hungry fox invites a rather plump-looking goose over for dinner. The chicks warn over and over that it’s not a good idea. The anticipation grows page by page, will the fox eat the goose? In the end it is the goose and her chicks that enjoy the feast!



A Well-Mannered Young Wolf* by Jean Leroy reminds me of That is Not a Good Idea in the best possible way. This is the story about a very well-mannered wolf who goes hunting alone for the first time. First he catches a rabbit, whom he offers one last wish. His parents taught him that the last wish must always be respected. The clever rabbit asks Wolf to read him a story. Wolf is ill-prepared and has to go home to get a book. Rabbit promises to stay put and wait for his return. Needless to say, Rabbit doesn’t keep his promise.


Now Wolf is even hungrier! He quickly catches a chicken. The chicken is clever like the rabbit, and let’s just say, Wolf is getting frustrated. He catches a little boy to eat. The wolf asks the boy what his final wish is, and the boy requests a drawing. Wolf suspects another ruse, but the last wish must be respected! When he returns with paper and a pen, he is stunned to find the boy waiting. The boy explains that his parents taught him to always keep his promises. The boy loves his drawing and asks to show it to his friends before Wolf devours him. Wolf agrees and follows boys back to his friends. And who exactly are the little boys friends? Rabbit and Chicken!!! The boy’s good manners keep him from becoming the Wolf’s meal.


A Well-Mannered Young Wolf is a hilarious read perfect for kids ages 4-7. The illustrations by Matthieu Maudet are simple and resemble a comic book with speech bubbles and simple text. It’s worth taking a closer look at the illustrations, however, as they reveal hidden details that enhance the story. It’s one of those books that young ones will want to share with everyone to see their reactions to the end of the story!

*I received a complimentary copy of A Well-Mannered Young Wolf in exchange for my honest review.

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