A Fantastic Role Reversal Picture Book


My Dad at the Zoo by Coralie Saudo is a highly entertaining picture book that turns the world of parents and children upside down. This Sunday morning, like all Sunday mornings, Dad is SO excited to go to the zoo. He is impatient in line, brainstorming ways to cut the line. He rushes from one animal exhibit to the next, without waiting for his son. And, when he wants ice cream, but his son tells him it’s too early for this sweet, refreshing treat, Dad has a complete meltdown. Sound familiar?


His son, on the other hand, uses tactics like distraction to help get his Dad’s mind off the ice cream. He makes sure Dad stays safe, keeping his finger out of the piranha tank. And, he also does his very best to bypass the souvenir shop, though he does not succeed. Even though his dad is acting this way, it is clear that his son still loves him.

The illustrations by Kris Giacomo are whimsical and add an element of silliness to the text. The role reversal is also apparent across the pages. The son is portrayed as the adult, standing with his hands on his hips. Whereas the father is more impatient and emotional, flinging his body to the ground the way, in a rather kid-like way.

My Dad at the Zoo is a fun read for grown ups and kids alike. It shows that sometimes parent can still act like children from time to time. (Though this example is rather exaggerated.)

*I received a complimentary copy of My Dad at the Zoo in exchange for my honest review.

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