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We were a little late to the black and white board book game, but Lucy enjoys looking at these stunning books. She tries to hold the book herself and practices turning the pages back and forth. When she starts understanding following directions and speaking words, it’ll be great to ask her to point to certain objects or ask her to name them herself.

  1. Look Look! by Peter Linenthal is a visually striking board book that features intricate black-and-white cut-paper art. The red text is large and stands out. Different nouns paired with actions, for example the fish swim and the flower blooms. Lucy loves looking at the images across the pages of this book. Click here to purchase a copy of Look Look! (affiliate link).
  2. Spots and Dots by Chez Picthall is perfect for babies from 0-6 months. It features high-contrast images beginning with black and white shapes, then adding in primary colors and eventually pink. These images are bold and captivating and Lucy loves looking at each page for long stretches of time. Click here to purchase a copy of Spots and Dots (affiliate link).
  3. Baby Animal by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes includes 8 adorable close-ups of baby animals. From baby panda to baby zebra, the skillful use of black and white and the sense of space make this a lovely book to look at. Click here to purchase a copy of Baby Animal (affiliate link).img_0242These Lamaze books are the best! Though they are recommended for kids age 12 months and older, Lucy “reads” them with supervision. First and probably most importantly, they are machine washable. The covers are plush and the pages are brightly colored and engaging.
  4. In Captain Calimari’s Treasure Hunt, join the pirate calamari as he searches for a treasure in the ocean. He sees a Sparkly Fishy and Sunny Starfish, but none of these creatures are the treasure he seeks. The sweet end rhymes move the story along and at the end we discover a small circular mirror and learn that the treasure we’re seeking is you! Click here to purchase a copy of Captain Calmari’s Treasure Hunt (affiliate link).
  5. Peek-a-Boo Forest is a lift-the-flap soft book that allows readers to explore different animals hiding in the forest.  Each set of pages begins with a question, for example “Who is hiding behind the spruce?” and the rhyming answer, “Peek-a-boo! It’s the moose!” Not to mention, the flaps crinkle, possibly one of the most engaging features for little Lucy. Click here to purchase a copy of Peek-a-Boo Forest  (affiliate link).

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