Picture Books About Cultivating a Love of Reading

The first picture book I read that was truly a celebration of reading was Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston’s A Child of Books. A young girl and boy embark on a journey to unlock not only the magic of imagination but a love of reading. The illustrations of this beautiful picture book are spectacular! They sprinkle in segments from lullabies, fairy tales and other well known stories. This is a captivating and lovely book.

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In the past few weeks I’ve discovered two more books about the act of reading Danielle Marcotte’s Mom, Dad, Our Books, and Me and Kyo Maclear’s The Little Good Book*.


Mom, Dad, Our Books and Me is perfect for little ones just starting to read, pre-k through first graders. The narrator is a young boy and he describes the different members of his family and how they become completely immersed in the books they read. Everyone around him is reading. (His dog buddy and fish Toto don’t know how to read, and his pet cat Gracie is just too busy.)


However, books are not the only things that he sees people reading. His uncle reads a cookbook. His aunt reads her sheet music. And, Madam Dora reads the future!


Mom, Dad, Our Books, and Me is the perfect picture book to get young learners excited about reading. It shows not only people of all ages engaged in the act of reading, it shows the different materials that we read in our everyday lives. Books invite readers to embark on many new and exciting adventures, all while connecting them to the people around them. This is a must-have picture book for any home or school library to help build a love of reading from a young age!


The Little Good Book by Kyo Maclear is also about developing a love of reading. A boy gets in trouble and is sent to the study to think about his actions. He discovers the good little book which completely transports him to a different time and place.


Time passes and the boy does not tire of reading the book. One detail from this book that I love is that it doesn’t change his behavior or transform him into a kid he is not. This book becomes a companion for him. He reads it over and over again until one day he loses it!


While he tries desperately to find his good little book, the book finds more than a few new homes and uses. Are the boy and his book ever reunited? It doesn’t really matter you see, because a really good little book will stay with you for life!

The Good Little Book is a great picture book for kids of all ages. The illustrations by Marion Arbona are spectacular and bring Kyo Maclear’s beautifully crafted story to life. In addition to being an ode to reading this book has a wonderful story arc.

As a teacher, The Good Little Book reminds me of the all too often experiences I have with students who “don’t like reading.” I often find myself explaining to young readers that to me that means you just haven’t found the right book. The perfect book, in this case a good little book, has the power to unlock the world of reading for struggling or reluctant readers. I watch it happen every year with at least two kids in each of my classes.

*I received a complimentary copies of Mom, Dad, Our Books, and Me and The Little Good Book in exchange for my honest review.

Click here to purchase a copy of The Good Little Book (affiliate link).

Click here to purchase a copy of Mom, Dad, Our Books, and Me (affiliate link).


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    1. Thank you! I’ve been working as an elementary school teacher and now that we just had our little one, I’m so excited to share all these books with her.

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