Picture Books About the Relationship Between Parent and Child

Hand in Hand* by Rosemary Wells is a very special picture book for very young readers. It portrays the tender relationship between parent and child. This is a sentimental book that shows how a parent is their child’s everything from the very first day. The parent takes on the important role of teacher and guide from developing new skills, such as talking and walking, to more abstract concepts, such as telling the truth and sharing.

Hand in Hand is great for very young readers, ages 2-5. The illustrations are fun and accessible, providing many opportunities for conversations. The text is short and simple. And the story is a meaningful one!

You and Me and the Wishing Tree is a wonderful book by Nancy Tillman, who is also the author of On the Night You Were Born. In this book, a young child and his parent wake up one morning to discover a beautiful wishing tree on their lawn. At the same time, they each make a wish, which come true. The child is excited and wishes one wish after the next, from flying, to a special picnic with bears, to invisibility. Together the child and parent embark on an adventure like no other.

As the day draws to a close, the child begins to tire, and wishes to be back in bed. It is only then that we learn the parent’s wish, which was all along to spend time with her child. 

You and Me and the Wishing Tree is such a sweet story about the imagination of a child but also the complete love and devotion of a parent. It is written in first person, from the point of view of the grown up talking to the child. What I love about this book is that there is no emphasis on the gender nor the physical appearance of either the grown up or the kid, which allows the reader to see himself/herself within the text.

The illustrations possess a magical quality that add to the excitement that a tree like this could really grant even the most impossible wishes. They capture the relationship between the adult and child perfectly, at first cautious and eventually letting go and encouraging independence. But, at the end of the day, when the child is tired, the parent is there to carry him home.

You and Me and the Wishing Tree is great for readers ages 3-8.

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*I received a complimentary copy of Hand in Hand and You and Me and the Wishing Tree in exchange for my honest review.

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