Valentine’s Day Reads

Valentine’s Day by Annie Rockwell is a great story about a class preparing cards for a a special friend. Each student creates a card capturing a favorite memory of a time spent with their friend Michiko who now lives in Japan. Even though she is thousands of miles away, the cards provide them with a connection to their friend.

Once the cards are ready, the class takes a trip to the local post office to buy the stamps needed to send the package to Japan.

Valentine’s Day is a really great story for getting kids into the spirit of the day, putting a focus on friendship and kindness. At the end of this book, students place one valentine card in a secret box and then pick one from it as their card. As a teacher, I thought this was a great, inclusive idea.

Valentine Hearts Holiday Poetry is a collection of poems about Valentine’s Day selected by Lee Bennet Hopkins. This is the perfect introduction to poetry books for young readers as the poems are simple and sweet, some are serious while others are funny. There are poems about the relationship between mother and child, friends, secret admirers, and even the between child and pet.

Both Valentine’s Day and Valentine Hearts Holiday Poetry are terrific additions to a classroom or home library. They celebrate friendship and being kind to one another. They are easy to read and engaging. They are both great for readers ages 5-8.

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