Heave Ho!

A young worm is on his way outside to play when a hungry bird sees him. A second worm comes to the first worm’s rescue. The bird calls for help, and a cat joins forces with the bird (an unlikely partnership). Just when the worm thinks his fate is sealed, a third worm joins in. The expressive face of the first worm lets you know when he’s feeling hopeful versus hopeless.

The phrase Heave Ho! is repeated throughout this delightfully playful picture book. Readers of all ages will wonder how this story will turn out. Will all three worms survive? Will the unlikely teamwork among bird, cat and dog last?

Heave Ho! is Jose Lucio’s first book as author and illustrator. We are excited to see what other clever and fun books he comes up with!

Click here to purchase a copy of Heave Ho! (affiliate link).


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