Finding the Perfect Spot to Read

A Place to Read by Leigh Hodgkinson is a special picture book about a boy looking for just the right place to read. It should be comfy, but not itchy, fuzzy or even stinky. The young boy is very excited to read his book. Somewhere free of distraction, where he can become fully immersed in reading. On each page, he describes the ideal reading location and gathers another friend who is also interested in hearing the story.

Ultimately the boy learns that it doesn’t matter where he reads, the best book is a story that is shared with others.

A Place to Read is a fantastic picture book for children ages 2-6. The main character loves reading and is so excited about settling down with his book. The illustrations are whimsical and imaginative. They capture the worlds that we are ofter transported to by a good book. It is reminiscent of The Good Little Book by Kyo Maclear and A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers.

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*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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