Turkey Trouble!

Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano is a humorous picture book about a turkey who is determined not to become the main course of the Thanksgiving dinner. He decides that if he does not look like a turkey, then perhaps Farmer Jake and his family will not recognize him. He disguises himself as a horse. His costume isn’t bad. He looks like a horse… almost. But then Cow recognizes him! Grumbling and sad that he’s been identified, Turkey gets a new idea… to dress up like a cow. He looks like a cow… almost!

Turkey tries costume after costume, but each time he is recognized! When all his plans seem to have failed, Turkey comes across the vegetable garden and just then he has an idea! One that is sure to save his life.

As a vegetarian, I’m particularly entertained by this story, though I feel sorry for Turkey and definitely sense his anxiety and disappointment each time his cover is blown. This is a book that kids are bound to love, laughing at Turkey’s different costumes and guessing what he might dress up as next.

Turkey Trouble is great for kids ages 3-7. Click here to purchase a copy of Turkey Trouble (affiliate link).


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